Thursday, April 09, 2015

More Hype Vomitstep From Snails

A couple of things to note about Snails new track below. 1) It's easy to tell why Skrillex signed Snails. He has a big sound that is different and has just the right amount of unbridled uniqueness. 2) Big Ali might as well be Fat Man Scoop. They have to be related. 3) Why is in the world would you release an acapella version of King is Back? Maybe the hype samples are adequate enough to copy and paste onto other beats, but there are huge chunks of the track without vocals. Without hearing it, I'm scratching my head a bit.

Strange circa-2000 CD-style-release, the track below goes hard. There's some reggae mixed in, plenty of dubstep bounce and a whole lot of crazy synths. If you're in the mood to wild out, give this one a few spins...#Vomitstep

SNAILS feat Big Ali - King is Back


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