Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Dammit Baby Girl"

Who is in the mood for some loud and quirky Trap music? Despite the fact that I've only heard a handful of tracks from TroyBoi, his heavy, chopped up sound is growing on me. This time he hooked up with DJ Craze who blended in some signature scratches to the bouncy percussion that manifests itself in many different forms throughout the track. There's a clear middle-eastern influence on the track, but you'll notice some video game style synths in there to keep things interesting. If you're looking to cop it, DJ Craze's Baby Gurl EP is due out in less than a week, which is great news for all you crazy Nicaraguan and English Trap fans out there...#BabyGurl

DJ Craze & TroyBoi - Baby Gurl


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