Friday, April 03, 2015

Videos of the Week April 3rd

It would have been extremely easy to post damn near every set from Ultra Music Festival, but for the sake of diversity, I only posted the festival ending set from Skrillex. If you haven't seen Sonny live, that's a shame, but here's your reprieve. The entire set is a great example of how music, performance, showmanship and raw energy can be transformed into something that can inspire thousands of people at the same time.

UMF aside, there were a few interesting music video releases this week. The most influential of the videos was Kendrick Lamar's square shaped visuals for King Kunta. Despite the odd shape, the video is very much so Compton, which was throwback as hell, but cool. Two less discussed videos were The Chainsmokers Let You Go and Life of Dillon's Overload. I'm still really digging the organic and downright happy vibe of Life of Dillon's lead single. Finally, the Legendary Roots Crew came through with a bit of novelty when they put together a one minute summary of Game of Thrones. The concision speaks for itself y'all...#TheRoots
Life of Dillon - Overload (Video)

The Chainsmokers feat Great Good Fine OK - Let You Go (Video)

The Roots Recap Game of Thrones in One Minute

Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta (Video)

Skrillex Ultra Music Festival Set

Photo Credit: YouTube


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