Saturday, May 14, 2011

"You’re a Dime, So Beautiful Top of the Line, So Unusual"

I'll admit, after the first @NEWBOYZ album, Skinny Jeanz And a Mic, I took notice of them, but wouldn't have taken the time to hype them much. I'll admit, their dance floor anthem You're a Jerk had everyone poppin' and lockin', but as a whole it was more of a novelty Hip Hop album.

Fast forward now to 2011, where their second release Too Cool To Care is about to drop in a few days on May 17th. Now this album is somethin' to write home about. With production coming from all angles with two @KANEBEATZ tracks, one from @imadeitinc, @DIPLO, @BEIMAEJOR, and 3 tracks by @thecataracs, the disk is oozing with nothin' but top notch beats. Maybe it's because they match up best stylistically, but The Cataracs tracks on their album stand out the most to me. Well hold up, the track with @BIGSEAN amd Kane Beatz is hands down the top track, but it seems like @THALEGACY and @IMBENJBRO shine the most when David and Niles are behind the boards.

Case in point the track below, where they narrowly avoid insult in letting the ladies know that they look better with the lights off. Having put all the Rihanna drama (mostly) behind him, you can chalk this up to another successful @CHRISBROWN hook as he's now running away with the title of Most Sought Out Feature for 2011.

New Boyz feat Chris Brown - Better With the Lights Off (prod by The Cataracs)


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