Sunday, May 08, 2011

A Mixtape Worth More Than a Few Zeroes

A week later I'm feeling like I didn't quite give the dap I should have when I spoke on @xtothev's newest mixtape Zero Heroes. A few months ago, XV came across my radar with the @JColeNC produced track Smallville, which was a noteworthy effort...or at least enough for a mental note to be made that I should look out for more of his material (peep the track below).

Add the track above to the song I wrote about last week, Last Hero with @patrickstump and my two new favorites off the mixtape and you've got a pretty damn solid release. It's not even a stretch to say that if he would have released this as a debut album, it would have been just as well received as @RealWizKhalifa's Rolling Papers...#BetDat

What ended up being the track that stood out most for me was the joyful, uplifting track That's Just Me. You better believe @SWIFFD provides a perfect canvas for XV to deliver his characteristically creative and pop culture reference laden verses. Case in point...
"You Kobe number 8, she no longer wants your number
Bummer dude
Been this way since I was thunder cat underroo's
Banging like a hummer with 22 inch suberwoofs"
XV - That's Just Me (prod by Swiff D)

On his first mixtape trailer, XV picked a great lead in track with When We're Done. The first minute or so, the beat does the job bulding energy as @seventracks samples @utadahikaru's song Santuary. Creative sample to say the least and a good representation of the type of instrumental diversity on beats you can come to expect from the Wichita Kansas native. Watching Seven and XV vibe off each other in studio when creating the track was really cool to watch. Shouts out to @JustBlaze in the video too, it definitely can't hurt to have one of the best ever helping put it all together.

Makes me even more pissed off that the fools down at Theater of the Living Arts cut XV from the set list when he was supposed to open for Donnis and Travie McCoy. Next time when XV is headlining, that ish won't happen. Stay tuned though, much more to come in the form of a debut album from @xtothev...

XV - When We're Done (prod by Seven)


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