Friday, May 06, 2011

"My Slow Flow is Euphoric, it’s Like I Rap Endorphins"

The once good friends under the same label, turned distant acquaintances by mutual friends/enemies are back to making great records together. I don't need to go into the whole history between @Eminem and @therealroyce59, but it bordered around D12 and most notably group leader Proof, which was a good friend of Eminems. In 2006, Proof was shot and killed in a Detroit club, which was particularly rough on Eminem since they were friends from way back. To say that I was touched when I heard his and Obie Trice's tribute to Proof on Difficult (Dudey) would be a huge understatement...

*R.I.P. Proof*
Anyways, fast forward to now and the upcoming group effort by the duo who will release their EP under the name Bad Meets Evil. The track below, Fast Lane is off their upcoming EP, which will be released under Interscope and feature collaborations from Bruno Mars, Slaughterhouse and production from Mr. Porter and Bangladesh.

#FACT: If the EP is filled with heat rocks like the one below, it could turn out to be one of the better reunion Hip Hop albums ever...#HowsThatForHype?

Eminem & Royce da 5'9" - Fast Lane


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