Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Looking Pretty on My Arms What You Best at...PUSH!"

I still can't quite pin point why @pusha_T's style is undeniably likable. Maybe it's the calm, in control delivery or his effortless confidence on the mic. Either way dude is just plain dope. He's been dope since @THECLIPSE and is going to be even doper with the help of @kanyewest's guidance, being signed to G.O.O.D. Music label.

The G.O.O.D. news is Pusha is pushing out mad tracks of late and he's got plans on the works to release a lot of newness in 2011. In the next month, we're going to be blessed with the Fear of God 2 mixtape, which will be followed up by a studio debut that will feature production from the likes of The Neptunes, @RYANLESLIE, @ALEXDAKID, @mrbangladesh and of course @kanyewest. I'm not sure which to be more excited about, the production or getting to hear Pusha name dropping high class lifestyle designers like Hermes and lavish cars (Murcielagos).

This is like adding pumps to a negligee, it takes sexy to another level with @migmoney's original getting a top notch 16 from "I'm yo Pushaaaaa!" Feel free to press play and follow along at home with the lyics below...
"She my sure thing, my second only pure thing
It’s like heaven when I’m untying them bra strings
See I’m drawn to her, horse and carriage like
Day dreaming got me thinking what is marriage like?
She like Terrance Wright, I’m booking Paris Flights
The Hermes H bangles that I heard you like
Say the words and it’s there
You put up with the rumors and they blog what you wear
His and her everything, charge for the pair
Couldn’t let you cluster when I’m all solitaire’s
Share and share alike, I never fear the price
Top of my game, I hope you aint scared of heights
Roll a dice, you can bet that, never gotta sweat that
Pony hair, Louboutins let you pet that
Ferrari engine like the trunk got a jet pack
Looking pretty on my arms what you best at
PUSH! - @pusha_T"
Miguel feat Pusha T - Sure Thing (Remix)


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