Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Who's Gonna Save the World Tonight?"

I'll admit, I've been digging this track for a month or two now and it just so happened to find it's way onto iTunes on Friday for your listening pleasure. Reminiscing back two months ago when I first saw the video below of @swedishousemfia performing their new single Save the World Tonight at Masquerade Motel in Miami, watching it again just got me excited enough to give into my concert purchase addiction by purchasing @deadmau5 tickets for late September at Festival Pier...#Pumped
If watching the energy build up to the beat dropping on the video above doesn't do something for you, then you're probably just Googled my page for an image and did a right-click Save As rather than coming for the musical content. With help on the hook from fellow Swede, John Martin, there's nothing to get in the way of this becoming a top dance hit worldwide. As an aside, I'm not sure what makes dance/techno music more "worldly" than your average genre, but this one has a bring everyone together in harmony type of feel to it, which should translate well into iTune$. My guess is that rhythm knows no language and when there is limited or no spoken words on the track, the beat becomes the focal point, which as a selling point in itself, is appealing to anyone who likes to dance...#JustSayin

Please come tour in the US. If you can sell out all of your UK dates with ease, as well as your only US date when you headline Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas, you need to tour more cities.


Swedish House Mafia feat John Martin- Save the World Tonight


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