Monday, May 23, 2011

"Understand That What Goes Around, Comes Around"

With every leak I'm getting more and more pumped for @BIGSEAN's upcoming album, Finally Famous: The Album. The albums is set to drop on June 21st and it'll be released via @defjammusic through the @G_O_O_D_Music label. Better take note of the production by @dionpnoid too, dude is absolutely a beast for being such an unheralded producer. You're gonna feel foolish when you check out those production credits and realize he's been @kanyewest's right hand man when it comes to great beats.

Sticking with the vindictive tone this week, Big Sean spares no hater by saying, "It’s also dedicated to everybody who be talkin’ shit behind my back, And then when I see y’all, y’all act like “Awww, I’m so happy for you.” Nobody likes a fake friend and sadly most haters are disguised as friends, which is why a man with a lot of friends is not a smart man. Shouting out your two exes on a track when you've made it to be Finally Famous has to feel good too.

All in all a feel G.O.O.D. track that'll put a smile on your face when you end up thinkin' of all them haters you've passed along the way that never made it to where you're at now...#JealousyTastesSour

Big Sean - What Goes Around (prod by No I.D.)


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