Saturday, May 28, 2011

"I’m Not Your Clone, But I AM Still Ahead of You"

In case you didn't get my first warning, take heed because the @NEWBOYZ new album Too Cool to Care is as tough front to back as the @imadeitinc beat below. It has the ferocity of this Eminem track and the guitar riff sample has the same feel as this Slaughterhouse track.

To be honest, it was a toss up between Tough Kids (below) and the @KANEBEATZ produced Zonin for my favorite track on the album. I literally had to flip a coin on what to post and since DJ Khalil beats are a little more few and far between than seeing Kane in the building, I went with this one. Can't go wrong with either though as Kane's beat was just as dope and would make a catchy single choice with the repeatability and attitude the lyrics give off.

Shouts out to Sabi of @THEBANGZ for killin' the hook too. The track should make some sort of all underrated and under-appreciated list. That is after it makes it onto your playlist...go and cop the whole disc below, I'm tellin' you, one of the more overlooked efforts this year so far...#Truth

New Boyz feat Sabi - Tough Kids (prod by DJ Khalil)


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