Sunday, May 29, 2011

"This...Right the Definition of Timeless"

Take an already stellar single by Ryan Tedder's crew @OneRepublic and add a few @bobatl we're talkin'. Best way to inject new life into a pop single that is nearing it's expiration date is to remix it with Hip Hop flavor. The success formula is being used all too often from the Katy Perry's to the Ke$ha's of the world (and here too)'s so easy nowadays to cut and paste a verse onto a track remotely that you'd be stupid not to try and maximize your profit by adding a little Hip Hop cool hwip to top it off.

A little food for thought though, does anyone dislike where Pop music is heading? Or for that matter the way Hip Hop and Dance are getting grouped into Pop so easily now that it's hard to tell them apart? From someone who (generally) dislikes what ends up on the radio because of how songs end up getting bastardized, I can't really hate on some Hip Hop artists for finding their way (monetarily) since Hip Hop (as a whole) has evolved into a sought genre to collaborate with. Think about it, if someone told you to drop two half verses to improve profitability of a track and make a buck, would you? #OhHellYesIWould

Additionally, the fact that Hip Hop music is so easily disseminated on the internet (compared to other genres) has to make it that much harder for artists to get the lions $hare for their own music. Can you really hate on them for dipping into Pop (iTune$$$) every now and again? I'd enjoy a counterpoint or some discussion on the topic if anyone wants to pitch in their 2 cents below...

Either way, live it up this weekend, June doesn't have any long weekends, so make the best of it...#3DayWeekendsWin

One Republic feat B.O.B. - Good Life (Remix)


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