Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bout Time Y'all Heard About Clams Casino

Known more as the right hand man for @LILBTHEBASEDGOD's when it comes to production, @clammyclams is starting to make a name for himself. I say that because he just dropped a highly acclaimed Instrumental Mixtape a few months back that really caught peoples' attention with out of this world, weird beats. As a sample, check out the fan made video for his Gorilla beat below...

Kinda trippy and mellow, which is a great intro to his mix of @xtothev's track Swervin. Clam's beat takes the track to another level as it manages to fit the lyrics and tempo much better than the original. No idea why the mellow remixes are in this week, but I'm a fan. And you should be too...

XV - Swervin (Clams Casino Remix)


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