Tuesday, May 03, 2011

"We're Only Young and Naive Still, We Require Certain Skills"

If you would have blind folded me and made me listen to the song below, I would have told first off it has to be @passionpit. If you'd then give me a second guess, I'd probably question you then say if it's not them, then it's gotta be MGMT. After denying my second guess and telling me it's this new group, The Naked and Famous, I'd probably say WTF! followed by #GTFOH. Then I'd go research them and find more of their music...

Which brings me to this post where I get to tell you about this new group from New Zealand called @TNAF, which consists of five members David Beadle (bassist), Thom Powers (singer-guitarist), Aaron Short (synth player), Jesse Wood (drums), Alisa Xayalith (co-vocalist/keyboardist). Their debut album Passive Me, Aggressive You was released about 8 months ago in September and managed to climb atop the New Zealand charts. As far as the name of their band, it came from the song Kid by Tricky with the lyrics "Everyone wants to be naked and famous." When asked to elaborate on the group title, band members Aaron Short elaborated saying:
"We were all just really big fans of Tricky around the time of the band forming - Thom, Alisa and I - and thought it was really fitting for the way we were looking at things at the time and it was something that stuck with us. There’s a bit of irony there, for so many people there’s a lot of stuff attached to the music industry and musicians in terms of everyone wants to be a big famous rockstar and all that kind of stuff. At the time of us starting the band out it’s always remained a big principle for us, it’s never been what we’ve been about. Stuff like getting in the charts and the awards we’ve had it’s all really overwhelming and you can’t help be really pleased with the result, but at the same time it’s never been the absolute focus of why we’re putting music together and why we’re doing what we’re doing." - Source
Yea I agree, I'm a few months late on this track, but it's making my XM satellite radio subscription worthwhile since I found this gem from across the world on there. Check out the video for the track below...

The synthesizers sucked me in on first listen and perfectly augmented the upbeat, rolling beat. The MGMT and Passion Pit comparisons come from the childlike, carefree vibe their lyrics give off. The fun and dreamy vibe is infectious to me as I've had this in heavy circulation since finding it last night. You might ask, what could possibly make this track more likable?

Enter @chiddybang or more specifically @XaphoonJones, who is doing his absolute best to make me forget about @corybold with all these dope remixes he's pulling off of late with his partner in crime, @realchiddy. The sample is executed perfectly and flipped all Hip Hop like any self respecting Hip Hop fan would hope. The bubbly synths are where I draw the Cory Bold comparisons, but I need to be clear in saying that ya boy Xaphoon can absolutely hold his own producing a beat (PROOF).

Can't go wrong with either of these and I'm gonna keep the @TNAF original track on heavy repeat as I give their album a spin...#BetterLateThanNever

The Naked and Famous - Yonug Blood (Chiddy Bang remix)


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