Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Dreams Money Can Buy, They Told Me It’s Like a High, And It Wasnt a Lie"

After more than a few months off, @drakkardnoir is back on the grind, eager to share with the world a new track off his upcoming album Take Care. I'll be pleasantly surprised if his sophomore album drops by the end of the year, but if this leak turns out to be official, it may be coming more sooner than later. Between this track and his lengthy cameo on Khaled's new laid back summer anthem, it's like going from not seeing a long lost friend for months to seeing them twice in a week.

The same, simple winning formula is applied to the track as @OVO40 drops a harmonic beat that allows Drake to remind everyone he's still on top and enjoying the luxuries that fame and money are affording his lifestyle. On first listen this sounded a little well rounded for a loosie, which is why it wouldn't be surprising if it landed on his next album as a non-single. Just enough to keep us wanting more, but still only a crumb of what's yet to come with his new album that will be admittedly less rushed and more well thought out. So much for lowering the expectations, if Thank Me Later was rushed then maybe rushed is the way to go?

Time will tell, but until then I'll be chanting silently in my head "Don't f with me, Don't f with me..."

Drake - Dreams Money Can Buy (prod by Noah "40" Shebib)*


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