Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Walk a Thousand Miles Just to See Her Smile Again"

It's not always a good thing to hear a different side of an artist, especially when a Hip Hop artist goes R&B. In this case though, we've already gotten R&B glimpses from @Tyga on songs like Deuces or (my personal favorite) Press 7 (below)...

Press 7 alone put Tyga on the map for me, definitely maybe because of the vindictive lyrics. Nothin' better than getting wronged by someone, then having them come crawling back and being able to press 7 at the end of the voicemail...#kickRocks

The track below is on a more sentimental tip, with the lyrics taking on more of an "I did my baby wrong" tone. With help from @imchrisrich, the harmony matches the vibe well and gives the track a shot of emotion. Being a member of YMCMB, I'll continue to be on the look out for his upcoming album Careless World. Tentatively set to drop this year at some point, it'll feature the likes of Chris Brown, Mario, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Game, Pharrell, J. Cole and Young Money artists like Drizzy Drake and Lil Wayne. Even better, it'll be primarily produced by @COOLANDDRE, who are the new resident beatmakers for Cash Money Records.

Still buying in the stock of Young Money if you can't tell, but can anybody give me a reason why that's a bad decision? Carter 4 is coming soon...#Beware

Tyga - Far Away


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