Monday, May 02, 2011

"Treat My Whip Like My Sneakers, Once I Scuff 'Em it's Nothin'"

The only thing harder than finding Osama is this @SMOKEDOUTLUGER beat. Good god almighty this one begs you to turn it up and sing along with @IAMSEANGARRETT on the hook, encouraging you to keep up with the stuttered repetition of "baby, baby, baby" that lead into the less-than-subtle lyrics. There's never been a question as to whether or not Sean Garrett, aka "Smash on the radio bet I penned it", can produce hits for other artists. Whether or not he's able to channel that success for others into being able to market himself is another story...and I'm diggin' the first few chapters.

Chalk this up as the second official single off his upcoming 2011 release, Courtesy Of. Call it a strip club anthem with the 808 bass and King of Diamonds references, I call it one hell of a follow up single to add to his first effort, Feel Love feat @JColeNC. In other words, for an R&B track, this one beats in the deck and you shouldn't feel guilty at all rollin' the windows down...#IWont

As a sidebar, can someone explain to me why exactly @rickyrozay is so widely sought out and hot right now? He's damn near become @liltunechi with all the features he's being doin', plus he captured @Wale and flipped his style 180. You'll be hard pressed to find me a more new school classic Hip Hop album than Port of Miami, but did y'all really like Teflon Don that much? #MaybeItsMe?

Sean Garrett feat Rick Ross - In Da Box (prod by Lex Luger)


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