Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mike Posner's Major in College Was Science

Wasn't sure whether to file this as a Sample Justice piece or a Who Rocked it Better?, but after a quick thought, there's probably no chance anyone would pick the cover version over the original because this was the track that put @COLDPLAY on the map. Check the video below for a refresh on the classic track...

Yea they did that, but don't discount the way @MIKEPOSNER took the track and flipped it into his own. It's a little abstract in that I didn't recognize the track at all until I heard the "Nobody said it'd be eeeeasssaaayy." Until that point, the slow steady beat and tantalizing electro rhythms dominate the track, allowing Mike Posner to deliver his silky smooth vocals over the intriguing beat.

Huge fan of this cover, it's one of the rare covers that actually do justice to the original (classic) song....#Enjoy...

Mike Posner - The Scientist (Coldplay Cover)


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