Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Eyes on the Hourglass, As We Sink Into the Sand"

A few years back, you would have had to visit a swanky five star lounge to experience Deep House music. In my eyes, there type of music had become associated with an upgraded or exclusive experience. About a year ago, that perception was flipped on its head thanks to Disclosure. They took the vibrant, rhythmic essence of Deep House and morphed it into something much crisper and funkier than anything I had ever heard.

Thanks in large part to them leading the way, the genre has taken off in popularity and is spun with a lot more frequency in any club that plays dance music. And that's going to continue with their new album Caracal about two weeks away from release. I've had their collabo (Omen) with Sam Smith on repeat for the past month and now I've got another to add to it in the form of Hourglass. With the help of Lion Babe, an upbeat tempo and some well timed womp womp, you can chalk up another one for the good guys. There simple isn't another act who is capable of making this type of music as well as Disclosure...#Caracal


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