Tuesday, September 01, 2015

"Tonight I Need Your Help Remembering Myself"

In a world filled with millions of people who think they are capable of making great music, uniqueness is a fleeting characteristic that many artists continue to chase like a ghost in the night. Especially in electronic music, you can only have so many formulaic build ups, drops and womp womp before a lot of music starts drifting toward the median. All that being said, Stephen managed to put together a track that I'd best describe as novel.

Where do I start with describing Remembering Myself. Well...it starts out like many other contemporary rock tracks with vocals over a mellow guitar riff. As the song progresses, there are blues and rock undertones that shine through, giving the track a personality that starts sounding distinctly different. Then, you get the electronic infusion on the hook, which makes you re-think everything you thought you were hearing. Toward the end, you start to appreciate the rock and a more distinct and edgy guitar riff takes the song to it's crescendo. In total, it's a really interesting track that I'm enjoying more and more with each listen.

If you're wondering who in the heck this Stephen Swartz guy is, feel free and read up on his latest "This is Me" post on his website. All in all a cool story and this isn't the first time he's lit up the internet with his music too. Those that remember Bullet Train have been waiting patiently for over two years for new material. Metaphorically speaking, I missed that train two years ago, but I have bought a first class ticket to this one....#RememberingMyself

Stephen - Remembering Myself


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