Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Chainsmokers x Tritonal = A Dynamic Quartet

If I had taken the time to come up with a wish list of possible collaborations, this would have been near the top. I don't need to waste your time telling you how much I enjoy The Chainsmokers music, but I've admittedly not posted enough Tritonal music to adequately express how great they are. When I think of Tritonal a few adjectives come to mind: melodic and ethereal. Their mix of bubbly synths and consistently on point vocals are a big reason why I hold their music in high regard.

So what happens when you throw Alex and Drew into the mix? You get an happy electronic ballad like Until You Were Gone. Featuring the vocals of Emily Warren and led by a powerful chord progression, there's a lot of evidence that the collaboration lived up to the hype. The track succeeds in that it doesn't get too upbeat too quick, which makes the release after the job that much more jubilant. If you're nodding in agreement as I'm writing this, head on over to iTunes to add this one to library so that you can try and find it within the now ridiculously crowded Apple Music app...#UntilYouWereGone

The Chainsmokers & Tritonal feat Emily Warren - Until You Were Gone


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