Thursday, September 24, 2015

"Like a True Player Runnin' Out the Endzone"

Ah yes, the crown jewel of Big Grams' new EP finally made its way onto the internet and is currently wreaking havoc on speakers worldwide. If you thought you knew what heavy sounded like, I'd challenge you to rethink your definition after listening to the track below. Skrillex came correct with a rolling 808 bass line that will leave you wondering whether you have a whole pack of midgets in the backseat wraslin'. It sounds like Big Boi and Skrillex said, don't worry Phantogram, we've got this one and then proceeded to weave together a fierce three minutes and 47 seconds of loud bass and clangy percussion. It's only a seven song EP, but I'm fully bought into the genre bending rhythms that Big Grams has managed to put together...#DrumMachine

Big Grams feat Skrillex - Drum Machine


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