Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Always Overstood, Never Undermined"

I must say, this whole Big Grams supergroup thing is really working well thus far. Their lead single Fell in the Sun was like a cool breath of fresh air on a day with no clouds. And now here comes the second salvo from ATL's finest in the form of Goldmine Junkie. Instead of it's heavy and funk filled predecessor, their newest track is more of a jazzy ballad. Check it out below...

When was the last time you hear Big Boi harmonize on a track? Tip of the cap to Sir Lucious for showing a wider range of skills. If these two tracks are any kid of indiction of what's to come, Big Grams' upcoming EP may be gaining steam for top release in 2015 when it finds its way onto the internet in two days. I certainly hope to validate that when I see them perform live at Treasure Island Music Festival in about a month...#BigGrams


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