Wednesday, September 02, 2015

"Move the Crowd When the Beat Goes Down"

Welp...I guess if there was anyone trying to say that The Chainsmokers weren't a big deal, they sort of lost that leg to stand on this week. I say that because a collaboration with Tiesto means you're officially no longer small potatoes. The best part about it you ask? It's that the song doesn't suck at all. In fact, it's one of those rare tracks that actually live up to the expectations and hype.

If you're like me, you listened to Split (Only U) and thought to yourself how incredibly familiar it sounded. That's because it is familiar...if you're an early 2000s R&B fan...

Shout out to 7 Aurelius for the original production that went much harder in the decks than your average R&B song. Who would have known a decade later it would be flipped into an EDM anthem and released by Tiesto's own record label, Musical Freedom? Enjoy this one at a high volume folks, there's no half steppin' on a track of this caliber...#Split

Tiƫsto & The Chainsmokers - Split (Only U)


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