Sunday, September 20, 2015

"These After Hours Got Me Charged"

Man, imagine what would happen if you took the quirky bounciness of Troyboi's sound and put excellent vocals over the top. Oh yea, and add in a little tribal flavor from Diplo too, doesn't that sound tasty? You better believe it is, Afterhours is the result of a handful of talented people who came together to create a unified sound. In hindsight, the Diplo and TroyBoi Mad Decent driven collaboration is long overdue because of how much they have in common, but when was the last time you heard Nina Sky on a new track? Just because they haven't been featured a lot lately didn't reduce the amount of excitement I had when I saw them on the track. On the Trap scale, Troyboi skews more toward Hip Hop than electronic and to his credit, I think he's done it better than anyone else coming from the Hip Hop angle. I'm excited that he's now starting to get more opportunities to make music with other talented people. Feel free and grab this one digitally if you were as psyched about it as I was...#Afterhours

TroyBoi feat Diplo & Nina Sky - Afterhours


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