Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"No One Can Love Me Like You Do, It's Automatic"

Just in case you weren't already intrigued by the mythical being that goes by the name of ZHU, here's a fresh new reason to pique your curiosity. The track already had enough hype leading up to its release, but having BBC Radio 1 premiere it tonight too the hype to another level. It helps that Automatic features UK's own AlunaGeorge, but in all honesty, it didn't need any hometown love to jettison the new single to success.

If you're a fan of ZHU's swanky, womp womp sound with sultry vocals, this will resonate with you. The low pitched vocal samples serve as a watermark on ZHU's sound and Aluna's soothing high-pitched vocals contrast well. My favorite part of the track was the beat break down around the three minute mark that was highlighted by a saxy ride out. Word has it this will be one of many tracks released by ZHU as part of his Genesis Series. It will feature the likes of Skrillex, Bone Thugs and A-Trak, so feel free and hop on the excited bus and keep F5ing the internet until a release date is posted...#Automatic

Zhu feat AlunaGeorge - Automatic


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