Monday, September 21, 2015

ODESZA Takes on Porter Robinson's Divinity

It seems like I'm posting a new ODESZA track every other day of late but I blame that on my inability to give them proper love over the past year. Their newest creation is a remixed version of Porter Robinson's Divinity. Check the original for reference...

Where the original track is much more up and down, taking the listener on a full six minute journey of synths, the remix is a bit more even keeled. There's less roller coaster tempo changes, but as a result, the vibe on the remix seems a bit more chill. If you're a fan of both artists, you'll appreciate the subtle differences between two. I'd be remiss if I didn't shout out Amy Millan for her vocal contribution on both versions. In case you missed it from all the other recent posts, ODESZA's deluxe version of In Return was released last week. I'm really liking the live versions of tracks they added to the original LP, which has given even more reason to keep their new release on steady repeat...#Divinity

Porter Robinson feat Amy Millan - Divinity (ODESZA Remix)


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