Sunday, August 16, 2015

"Show Me to a Higher Place, Take Me to Outer Space"

Chalk this one up to one that slipped by the goalie about a month ago. Anytime you get Ne-Yo on an EDM track, I'm all ears. In Dmitri Vegas and Like Mike's case, if you throw in a few attractive women in the video, then we're really talking. Check it out below if you're curious...

All in all, it's an easy listening dance track that is equal parts pop ballad and top 40 EDM hit. It will remind you a bit of Calvin Harris's Feel So Close with a soothing, repeatable lead-in. Picture this one as a solid addition to a road trip playlist, where you're not looking for anything too flashy or loud, just something blend in and make the car ride go by quicker. Feel free and head on over to iTunes to cop this one and add to the aforementioned playlist...#HigherPlace

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft Ne-Yo - Higher Place


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