Thursday, August 06, 2015

I Want S'More of marshmello

Over the past few months I've played the role of casual observer as marshmello has went from obscurity to the next big thing in EDM. First it was the quick support from Skrillex and now lately it's been the witch hunt to find his real identity. While the current best guess says Chris Comstock, aka Dotcom, is in fact marshmello, the real story here is there's a new song that's been released that's worth talking about.

HoMe is the new best reason to learn about marshmello. It's a bright, vibrant track that you'll remember for the high-pitched synths and quirky samples. If you're looking for an EDM track that personifies happy, then I'd nominate this one to be considered. The rumor was that marshmello's identity would be unveiled at Hard this past weekend, so if you wer like me and itching to finally pin your fandom to a face, you're going to have to wait a bit longer as you listen take in the great music below...#marshmello

marshmello - HoMe


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