Wednesday, August 12, 2015

GRiZ & Big Gigantic Let the Good Times Roll

If you haven't caught onto this big sexy saxophone revolution, here's your perfect chance to hop on the bandwagon. Hands down, the two artists in the game that use the sax best are Big Gigantic and GRiZ and they just so happen to finally collaborate. They didn't just collaborate, though, they knocked it out of the park. Led by soulful, "take-em-to-church" vocals and a fun call-and-response toward the end, Good Times Roll wins on so many levels. Also, if you're into free stuff and have a Spotify account, then you get to enjoy the track for free. While you're at it, don't sleep on catching them while GRiZ and Big Gigantic are on tour too because there are plenty of reasons why they sell out shows on the reg...#GoodTimesRoll

GRiZ x Big Gigantic - Good Times Roll


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