Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kygo Stays Tropical, Takes on a-ha

It's a new day, which means a new remix from Kygo. It's as if the Apple Music sponsorship either expedited the release of songs he's been sitting on or he's been working non-stop on creating new music since that announcement. Whatever the case, he's got a new take on an old classic from fellow Norwegians a-ha. And it's the track you hoped he'd remix, Take On Me. Feel free and experience a slice of nostalgia from the 80s below...

No matter what decade you're in, there's just something about that video that sticks with you. Original version aside, Kygo did his Trop House thing on the remix. It's as Caribbean as you'd hoped it would be, but I found the uptempo-ness a bit distracting. I understand he needed to match the tempo, but the relaxation gets lost when the tempo feels rushed. It's an interesting take on a memorable classic, but slow it down Kygo, I'm out of breath listening to something that should be relaxing. Remix aside, I can't wait for what's next from Kygo...#TakeOnMe

a-ha - Take on Me (Kygo Remix)


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