Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Tonight is the Last Night, I'll See You in Paradise"

Some duos just make great music when they collaborate. In the context of the song below, I'm talking Chris Brown and Italian EDM mainstay Benny Benassi. You may remember their previous hit single Beautiful People back in 2011. Press play for a refresher...

Call it a top 40 ballad if you want, but it's catchy as hell. Breezy plays the build up so well vocally on dance tracks, it's not a surprise that he gets called on often by EDM's finest collaboration opportunities. I can't say for sure who is going to stake claim for this on an album, but Chris Brown has been releasing so much new music, I'd put my bet on it finding a way onto his upcoming Royalty album. When really talented artists get together it doesn't always go well, but it did here, so chalk another one up for the good guys...#Paradise

Benny Benassi feat Chris Brown - Paradise


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