Monday, August 17, 2015

Kygo Reworks a Nas Classic

Wait a minute, you're telling me Kygo created a piano mix of Nas's Life's a Bitch? Yes in fact he did and it's as mellow and snappy and you'd expect. How did this come about you ask? Well, it seems as if the whole Apple Music co-sign is opening up some doors for the rising star. Don't know what I mean, check out the following...

Boy it's as if Apple has their pulse on the early adopter audience by targeting Drake and Kygo to lead their new music service. Regarding the remix below, it was folded into the most recent Beats podcast in case you missed it. Is it my favorite Kygo track or something you should run and tell your friends about? Nah, I wouldn't go that far because it's nowhere near as awesome as say Piano Jam if you're wanting a fresh example. Still, the fact that he tackled an old school Hip Hop classic speaks volumes about his ability to find a way to inject his style in just about anything. Now, if he'd only go on a US tour, then we'd be talking...#LifesABitch

Nas feat AZ - Life's a Bitch (Kygo Remix)

Photo Credit: YouTube


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