Tuesday, August 18, 2015

ODESZA Returns to In Return with Light

I'll be the first to tell you, I did not give ODESZA's sophomore album near the amount of time it deserved. In Return was one of the most heavily remixed albums of the past year and for good reason. The EDM duo from U dub seem to have a knack for crafting a wide range of diverse and melodic instrumental anthems. I can't blame them one bit from re-releasing their recent album as a deluxe edition because of how stacked it was front to back.

The best part about a re-release? We get a few new tracks added to the original tracklist. One of those tracks is Light featuring the mellow vocals of Little Dragon who does an excellent job of delivering mellow vocals over the slow beat that seems to tell a story with each beat clap. If you're wondering whether ODESZA makes only upbeat dance music, pump the brakes and listen to this chill dose of goodness. While you're getting excited for their tour this fall, don't sleep on that re-release that will be dropping in about a month...#InReturn

ODESZA feat Little Dragon - Light


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