Friday, August 07, 2015

Videos of the Week August 7th

Slightly Hip Hop heavy week with a sizable dose of silly. Leading the silly wagon is without a doubt the trailer for Zoolander 2. In case you haven't already seen the trailer as a preview for another movie in theaters, it's about as goofy as you'd expect. From the eerie galactic lead in to the absolute lack of intelligence from Ben Stiller's character, it all works quite well. Following up on a similarly goofy note was the creatively spliced Doug Funnie Trap Queen video. If you're familiar enough with the lyrics, you'll be more than a little entertained by how much the animated visuals match up with the audio.

On the music video tip, Drake/The Game came through with their Compton inspired video for 100. Speaking of Compton inspired, Kendrick Lamar had the audacity to make a music video for an interlude on his latest album. Can't say I've seen that happen since the 1990s, so kudos to him for having the huevos and knack for entertainment with the visuals on For Free? Rounding out the week comes from UK's own Calvin Harris who felt the need to show us exactly how deep love can go. And no, it's not a big surprise that his gf's friend was cast for the video...of course she was...#HowDeepIsYourLove
Zoolander 2 (Trailer)

Calvin Harris - How Deep is Your Love (Video)

Doug Funnie Sings Trap Queen to Patty Mayonnaise

The Game feat Drake - 100 (Video)

Kendrick Lamar - For Free? Interlude (Video)

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