Saturday, August 01, 2015

"There'll Be Nothing Left For No One"

The law of averages says that there will come a day where I will not be head over heels for a new Kygo track. That day came this week with the release of his new single with vocalist Will Heard titled Nothing Left. It'd be fair to label the new single as slow jam highlighted by powerful vocals. There's a faint dash of Trop House toward the end of the song, but not so much that you'll feel comfortable labeling it as such. Heck, if this is a filler on Kygo's new album, then so be it, he was batting 1.000 before today, so he deserves to mix in a lazy fly ball to the center fielder every now and again. Fear not Apple Music, you've still got the right guy, but Nothing Left amounted to a bit of a snoozer for me...#NothingLeft

Kygo feat Will Heard - Nothing Left


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