Monday, August 31, 2015

The VIP Mix You've Been Waiting For

Here's another one of those "I can't wait until the studio version leaks" type of tracks between two EDM powerhouses you've always wished would surface. Before you dive into the much hyped, alternate version here's a quick refresher on the original effort between Jack Ü & Snails that surfaced on Jack Ü's debut album...

If you thought the original was great, then the VIP mix might just blow your mind. Two phrases come to mind when listening to this mix, holy BASS and balls to the wall! It's as jumpy, quirky and heavy as you'd hope it would be. Shout out to Mad Decent's Director Paul Devro for letting this one fly a few days back via Reddit. If you're looking for the musical equivalent of caffeine, then download this one for free and turn the speakers up as loud as you can...#HollaOut

Jack Ü & Snails - Holla Out (VIP)


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