Sunday, October 05, 2014

"We Can Never Come Back to Earth"

After listening to Steve Aoki and Fall Out Boy's Back to Earth, I'm left wanting to hear more Patrick Stump on EDM tracks. His unique blend of pop sass and high pitched, energetic delivery sound so perfect over an electronic beat. I've already posted a handful of tracks off of Steve Aoki's latest album Neon Future 1, but I can now say I have a new favorite. I spend a lot of time hyping up all of the Hip Hop and EDM collaborations, maybe I should be spending just as many words demanding more rock related collaborations. If you take away anything from this track, it should be that Steve Aoki is a great producer and Patrick Stump is one of the better vocalists that doesn't get the due he deserves...#BackToEarth

Steve Aoki feat Fall Out Boy - Back to Earth


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