Monday, October 20, 2014

"If You Could Be Back Home"

Now that more and more DJs are hopping on the Tropical House bandwagon, I'm gaining an even deeper appreciation for Thomas Jack. The Caribbean rhythms offer plenty of feel good percussion with soothing flutes and saxophone leading the way. The march of the beat always seems to give it just enough tempo to be dance-worthy, but if your drink doesn't include some sort of fruit juice when listening to this, it will taste like pineapple by the time the track is over.

The original version of Back Home was MYNGA and Cosmo Klein is surprisingly more uptempo than the remix. Check it below for proof...
The chill vibe started before the remix, but the original just doesn't sound right without the saxophone on the hook. When the new version has a key component that the original lacked, you know you did something right. Do you boy Thomas Jack a solid and give him an up vote on hypem so that he continues to get the credit he deserves for leading a new segment of dance music that is abundantly enjoyable...#BackHome

MYNGA feat. Cosmo Klein - Back Home (Thomas Jack Remix)


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