Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Slow Acid Furthers the Legend of Calvin Harris

A few months ago if you would have asked told me that Calvin Harris belonged in the same ultra-elite echelon of EDM artists with the likes of Avicii and Tiesto, I would have been hesitant to agree with you. With the release of C.U.B.A. and Slow Acid leading the way for his upcoming album Motion, it's clear that Calvin's talents go far beyond what I had originally thought he was capable of creating.

I completely underestimated his stylistic diversity within EDM and his two new single are perfect examples of that. Where C.U.B.A. was aggressive and unapologetically Spanish sounding, Slow Acid was methodic and bouncy. It's as if Calvin is saying, "my last album was good and all, but I am capable of much, much more." If this keeps up, you might just hear me mentioning the phrase album of the year like I did with Avicii and Tiesto's most recent releases...#SlowAcid


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