Monday, October 13, 2014

"If You've Got the Wrong Impression, Girl Not For Long"

The prospect of Bobby Ray releasing what sounds like a lead single from an upcoming album is downright exciting. The grown and sexy track featuring Trey Songz's vocals over cooled out synths found a way to hit the spot on first listen. Although the track is a full on easy-listening experience, the lyrics tell another story.

I'll put it this way, it takes a lethal mix of audacity and confidence to walk into a room and successfully step to a woman without regard for whether she's single. Not For Long puts into perspective the type of game Hip Hop artists possess and seek to instill in every listener. I've always found Hip Hop as a whole to be a great way to learn how to talk quick or at least walk with enough swagger to end up on the winning team by the end of the night. If you're wondering what exactly I mean by that, you should give this one a listen as you join me in hoping that it means more music from B.O.B. to come...#NotForLong


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