Monday, October 06, 2014

"I Don't Know What You're Thinkin' Sugar"

Fresh is when one of your favorite artists takes a complete left turn to a place you had never imagined they could prior to listening. Like, for example, David Guetta's new one featuring the super-talented Sam Martin. You may recognize Sam as the guy whose vocals were featured on Lovers of the Sun, but he takes it to an entirely new awesome level on Dangerous.

From the piano lead in to the tantalizing synths throughout, it's a whole new pop, funk vibe from David Guetta. It's something Maroon 5 would be capable of, but hearing this type of funk from an unexpected source makes it that much more awesome. Leave the progressive house at the door, D Guetta is shooting for a whole new level on his new album Listen that is slated to hit stores on November 21...#Dangerous

David Guetta feat Sam Martin - Dangerous


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