Saturday, October 18, 2014

Madeon Found His Way to Imperium

It's long overdue, but Madeon is making his GWDJ debut tonight thanks to his new single Imperium. Slept on is an understatement, there's been a lot of hype building about the French prodigy while I've been off in my own world trying to fall in line behind the late adopters. But bygones will be bygones and I'm on the bandwagon after a few listens to his rhythmic assault below. For me, it was the drum and bass that reeled me in with the energetic chords providing the icing on the cake.

That's not the coolest part about the track, though. Known to play games with his fans, Madeon put together a game on his website. If you can figure it out and follow instructions, you get to download the track for free. Here's a hint, it may have been a game you played as a child. Assist to @awilliamsid for the DaVinci code work tonight since I don't read text on websites. Best of luck to you all on your journey to the free download...#Imperium


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