Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Star Wars Rebels Just Got Fluxuated

Evidently Walt Disney has gotten the memo that electronic music is what the cool kids listen to. It turns out the whole deadmau5 Ghosts n' Stuff Re-mics debacle was only the tip of the iceberg. In order to give their new animated series Star Wars Rebels a shot in the arm, they hired Flux Pavilion to take a stab at remixing the Rebels Theme.

Oh you better believe he mixed the living hell out of it too. The remix still has a very clear video game sound to it with grandiose trumpets and all, but the bouncy chords mixed throughout provide all the Flux needed to garner intrigue. The Star Wars light saber and gun ship laser noises keep it real enough, but the mechanized synths blend it together nicely. It's a bummer that they killed Saturday cartoons because you better believe I'd be steering the kids toward this cartoon if they brought the thunder with this type of music...#RebelsTheme

Star Wars Rebels - Rebels Theme (Flux Pavilion The Ghost Remix)


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