Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Chemical Brothers & Miguel Are Not Playin' Around

Well here's another triple-take inducing collaboration. Serving as the promotional single from the upcoming Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1 Soundtrack, This Is Not a Game grabs you by the collar and promises to be different from what you usually hear. The grungy, industrial synths provide the edge while Miguel's vocals and Lorde's vocal samples cut the instrumental.

Therein lies the tension on the track, though. It's as if the track rides the fence between a listenable pop track and gritty anthem that sets the tone for another battle to the death. I'll still give Lorde all the credit in the world for pulling the Chemical Brothers and Miguel together, but in the end the conflicting styles go two directions boldly instead of going one direction together...#ThisIsNotAGame


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