Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Drake Finds Your Lovin' in a Tropical House

Sometimes remixes are just too unique to pass up. Like for example, a tropical house version of Drake's Find Your Love. After a few double takes, play was pressed it and the result was surprisingly upbeat. I expected a prevailing chill tone, but instead got a quirky beat with plenty of bounce. The beat reminded me a bit of 1990s top 40 pop hit, which was an odd bedfellow with Find Your Love. After a few listens, it feels like the flavor of Drake gets a bit washed out in the mix, but I haven't heard Find Your Love in so long that the re-imagination was appreciated. At the very least, I appreciated the injection of xylophone and re-work of Kanye's original drum pattern by Tim Gunter to produce a new spin on a modern day classic...#FindYourLove

Drake - Find Your Love (Tim Gunter Remix)


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