Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Runners Are Back on A House Tip

Those of you who have been frequenting this block of the internet for over two years have observed a noticeable shift in music being posted on a daily basis. First it was Hip Hop with a little pop/electronic and not it's almost completely electronic with Hip Hop/pop cameos. I've maintained through the blog's existence that I post energetic music that moves me. I still don't have a good reason why Hip Hop fell out of favor other than the great producers stopped providing beats to the bigger Hip Hop names.

That being said, if you were to ask me to name my top 10 Hip Hop producers, The Runners would without a doubt be on that list. After a year or so hiatus, it's only fitting that The Runners return to the game with a distinctly progressive house flare. Teaming up with Alex Maire and Frederick, We Will Stand has an uplifting vibe that builds to a few different energy purging crescendos. I'd be kidding if I told you I saw this transition coming, but it makes me feel just a little but justified in evolving my music tastes when one of my favorite production duos turns over the same new leaf...#WeWillStand

The Runners & Alec Maire feat Frederick - We Will Stand (Radio Edit)


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