Wednesday, October 01, 2014

"Got the Club Jumpin' Like a Thousand Jumpin' Jacks"

Suffice to say, when done right, trap music can be like a shot of espresso straight to the bloodstream. Hype is a good starter adjective for the madness Yellow Claw, Diplo, LNY TNZ and Waka Flocka concocted on Techno. I'd liken it to the suicide drink the kids used to make when they mixed all the sodas together in one sugary elixir.

There's a bit of techno, a bit of trap, some Hip Hop flavor, a lot of yelling and plenty of bounce. If you're into moderation or even purity, this track is definitely not for you. If you're up for hearing a crazy mix of fun noises, then you're in for a treat...#TrapGoinTechno


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