Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Love Makonnen's Tuesday Gets a Fresh Makeover

A few months back I decided I'd rather be fashionably late to the I Love Makonnen party rather than an early adopter. On one hand you've got the Drake/OVO cosign that makes me want to adopt early, but on the other hand there hasn't been a track he's released that I have really vibed with. In particular, his lead single Tuesday walks the thin line between catchy and annoyingly repetitive. Check the original below featuring Drake for some context...

I can't say Dj Snake's remix completely fixes the dumbed down repetitiveness, but the chill trap sound of the track is really hard to ignore. After the first minute, the beat hits it's stride with an almost tropical house sound that gives way to a heavier trap sound as the mix progresses. If you can get over the silly, sing-along lyrics, there's a lot to like about the new beat...#ClubGoinUpOnATuesday

I Love Makonnen - Club Goin' Up On A Tuesday (Dj Snake Remix)


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