Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"This Time I Realize, All You Need is Love"

Well, now that Avicii has officially released the electronic album of the year, it's time to comb over the various bonus tracks. Let's see here, we've got the Spotify bonus tracks (All You Need is Love, Canyons), the UK additional CD tracks (Long Road to Hell and Edom) and of course Europe Amazon Mp3 bonus track (Always on the Run). By my count that's another five extra tracks to his 10 track EP. Nothing says I have fans worldwide than releasing another half album through various retailers and music providers around the globe.

Some of you may recognize this as an unreleased track by the name of Tim that he released about a year ago. You'll notice, though, that the high pitched vocals take it to another level and make it a more memorable track in general. It's like putting sauce on a sandwich, without the vocals, it'd be good, but not a little harder to eat. Not sure about y'all, but I like my sammies with sauce, don't you?...#True

Avicii - All You Need is Love (Spotify Bonus Track)


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