Sunday, September 22, 2013

"It's a Long Road to Hell Without No Soul"

Now that True has been on shelves for over a week, it's now safe to say Avicii's new one will be in the discussion for album of the year. If you were one of the many who purchased the album via iTunes, you've probably already heard Long Road to Hell. It's a swanky, piano driven beat that will catch your attention with the oddly addicting kazoo-like buzzing. Audra Mae's bluesy vocals fit well over the beat and you can bet you'll be chanting the "there's a long road to hell without no soul part of the hook. Folks may hate on Avicii for being too pop, but in my opinion, that's like saying "your music is liked by too many people." Pretty good problem to have, right?...#True

Avicii feat Audra Mae- Long Road to Hell


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